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Kidstopia v2.1 for Kodi Krypton

A.M. Smooth v3.0 for Kodi Krypton

Als Fuse Light v1.0 for Kodi Leia

JBoogie Onyx v2.0 for Kodi Leia (pics)

You will need a US VPN for Pandoki and TUBI TV (as always) to avoid popups. If you don't use them, you can disable them in Settings / Add-ons (Music Add-ons, and Video Add-ons). Also TV Tap is an android apk and needs to be disabled on non-android machines.
If you see a Legendary error on top, wait for everything to update, and go to Settings / Add-ons / My Add-ons / Video Addons, select and click Legendary and update it, or disable it.

Seren Real Debrid and Trakt v1.0 for Kodi Leia (pics)

New, super simple build for premium services. Simple Seren build is super lightweight at around 120MB. Its never been easier to use your Real Debrid and Trakt. In 3 clicks you will be all set up and ready to binge watch. This build should also be great for all low powered devices like Firesticks because there is NO widgets.
-Netflix style Next up notifications automatically play your next episodes.
-Auto plays where you left off.
-Automatically adds tv shows and movies you watch to your Trakt.
-Extended info mod.
-Includes PrimeStreams and Gears IPTV and Simple client setup.
-Includes Netflix to watch your Netflix account in Kodi.
-A Trakt account and Real Debrid account is required to use the build.

Xenon v19.2 for Kodi Leia

Al's Fuse Light v2.0 for Kodi Leia

Redbolt v2 for Kodi Leia

Eminence v18.3 for Kodi Leia

Planet Diggz v2.0 for Kodi Leia

Diggz XenoX v3.0 for Kodi Leia

Click here to watch the video.

HorrorFlix v4.0 for Kodi Krypton

Setup and use Diggz Simple Seren Reloaded v1.1

Click here to watch the video.

Diggz Xenon Plus v2.3 for Kodi Leia

Diggz Xenon Fire v1

Diggz Arctic Debrid v1.0

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Als Fuse Plus v1.0

JRs Killer B v1.0

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JRs Flex Debrid and Trakt v1.0

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JBoogie Black Label TV v1.1

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A.M. Smooth v7.0

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