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These are the Frequently Asked Questions for the group.
If your post is deleted, it's because it has been mentioned here a lot.

Are there any rules in the group?

Common sense dictates the rules.

Read the recent group posts, the wiki, and the announcements (Featured), and do a group search before making a new post, repetitive posts will be deleted without notice.

When a member asks a question about installing one of our builds, do not suggest youtube videos, everything that is needed is here in installing guide and Diggz wiki. If you suggest youtube videos once, you'll get a warning, if you do it twice you will be removed from the group.

Make sure your fb notifications and tagging are enabled so you may see you are tagged to the solution of your enquiry, or you have comments on your posts. Failing to do that will result in your removal from the group sooner or later.

If you try to post any fake "win big" contests you will be blocked and removed from the group.

No thread high-jacking, always make a new post instead.

Don't use gifs, memes, or non-related comments in support posts, respect the OP and those helping with issues, feel free to use those on humorous posts, or outside humorous groups. Suspension might be a penalty to those that don't.

If you block mods/admins you will be blocked and removed from the group.

If you use your phone announcements (Featured) might not be visible so use the wiki Main Page or instead of a facebook app use a proper mobile browser with https://m.facebook.com/ and Search and Announcements (Featured) will be visible. Facebook Lite app should work too.

IPTV discussion is not allowed.

Do not ask about movies, live TV or sports channels, explore the builds.

Don't do massive invites, they will be declined, invite 2-3 max. For more, just send the group link, so they can answer the questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2017565358471505

We do not support apks, click on About on the group and join the Tron Android and Streaming Support (1st link), and Simple Streaming Support for End Users (2nd link), for all your apk needs. https://www.facebook.com/groups/598202453683318 https://www.facebook.com/groups/228856477679985

Give troubleshooting information so we can help you, like Device, Kodi version, addon, log pic, screenshot, etc.

Searching facebook group, Diggz wiki and Discord

About the facebook group

Few words with Most Recent is usually more effective in group search. Use quotes for best results like "Xenon widgets", it will only show results that have both these words.
Use Topics -on the right on PCs, or on top on mobiles- to quickly find related posts from categories.

About the Diggz wiki

Start with the FAQ, then browse the other sections to find what you need. No need to search, every section has topics.

About Discord

Discord has channels with builds names and other sections so it's easier to find a post. It also has a very easy and advanced search to find anything you need.

Is there a facebook backup group?

It is mentioned in the wiki and in announcements.

The repo doesn't work

Make sure you typed it correctly from the pinned post. Try the second repo if the first doesn't work.
Make sure you have used a Colon : and not a Semicolon ; as the 19.4 keyboard needs shift to get it to show.
Unplug device and modem/router for 5 minutes. Sometimes your router needs a reset.
Some networks block ddns, you may be lucky and disable blocks from your router "security settings".
Try using a mobile hotspot instead of your network.
If nothing works you may try using another DNS like Cloudflare, or using this:

How do I install Kodi?

Read about Kodi

Problems with Kodi in windows?

You should first choose the proper Kodi version from kodi.tv (see pic).
After installing it, disable your antivirus to install any build.
If you have issues updating your build, make sure to follow Kodi's win 10 uninstall guide, removing the userdata folder as well.
If you have trouble locating the userdata folder, copy and paste this into the search box in the bottom left in windows: %APPDATA%\Kodi\
Then delete everything inside the Kodi folder, this is the equivalent of Clear Data in android.


ChefWizard issues

Addons not available when installing Chef Wizard

If you get "Not available" in dependencies while trying to install Chef Wizard -see video for easy installing dependencies, or read below for another way:

Kodi repo is down due to traffic, try every 5 minutes -you have to close Kodi to retry.
That's why dependencies are not available -they're Kodi's.


When I try to install/update a build I get a wizard error or very low speeds

Wait for 30 seconds and try again, another server will be used.
If it started downloading but very slowly, you may have to force close Kodi, wait for 30 seconds, and try again.
To get the best speeds, try to download when America sleeps.

I get wizard error and can't open it or uninstall it

You can reset wizard to Defaults or uninstall then reinstall the wizard:
Try reseting the wizard to Defaults first, so your Logins will be intact, uninstalling the wizard then reinstalling may delete your Logins.
If you uninstall then reinstall the wizard without restarting at once you'll get popups to save all your logins in the wizard, so, do that.

Reset wizard to defaults:

Uninstalling then reinstalling the wizard:
Go to Add-ons > My add-ons > Program add-ons, long-press on ChefMatrix Wizard, click on Information > Uninstall.
If it works, go to Add-ons > Install from repository > Diggz Matrix Repository > Program addons, and install ChefMatrix Wizard.

If the above fails, watch the video below, then restart the build and reinstall the wizard.

Problems after installing a build?

If you install another build or update your build, and skin doesn't work, sections are missing, or you have similar issues, there might be fragments in your userdata folder and you should clear device data and reinstall the build.
How to clear data on android box and fire TV -for firesticks, remember to unplug them for 10 seconds after clearing data.

What is the adult password?

The password is always mentioned on the starting page of the wiki.

After installing my build the addons don't work

Make sure you wait for all updates to finish and widgets/weather to appear before using the build.
Unplug device and modem/router for 5 minutes, and check if everything works fine.
If the above fails, go to your Device Settings / Apps / Kodi and Clear Data and do a fresh install.
If you still have problems, it is probably a network problem, check your router settings for "security options" that block sites, or try changing your DNS to eg Cloudflare, or finally, use a VPN.
If you're using a shield, try toggling ipv6 settings.

The build I wanted is not in the wizard anymore

We don't know if and when the build will return. A member might post in the group when that happens, but you can check frequently the wizard yourself.

How do I buy Real Debrid?

With a debrid service you get better and more sources (4K, 1080p, atmos, DD+), you often get sources where non-debrid doesn't find any.
To buy Real Debrid go to https://real-debrid.com/premium , create an account, go back to https://real-debrid.com/premium choose a plan (the 6-month is the cheapest), or click the Our Authorized Resellers link below the offers to use other paying options.
You may use Amazon, or a debit card -call your bank to authorize the transfer if you're outside Europe or transaction fails in any way you choose to pay.
If you use a reseller you'll probably get a code, that you should paste to https://real-debrid.com/voucher and you'll have instantly 180 days (or whatever you paid).
If you get 1.000 points (if you buy eg 2 6-month subscriptions, you'll have more than 1.000 points) go to https://real-debrid.com/account, click on Convert after Convert 1000 Fidelity Points to 30 Days, to get 30 free days more.
You may copy a magnet link -or use a torrent file- on your browser, and paste it to: https://real-debrid.com/torrents
You may go to https://real-debrid.com/downloads click on Download, and download everything you watched even for a few seconds in Kodi, or torrents.
You can clear your download https://real-debrid.com/downloads and torrents https://real-debrid.com/torrents lists if you click on the top red X on the right, repeat if you have multiple pages.
If you have temporary speed issues you can select another server in CDN Servers Selection: https://real-debrid.com/account
Some ISPs throttle Real Debrid servers, that means you will get buffering. The solution is to use RD speedtest first, then either use another ISP or a VPN to battle throttling.

More info:
You may use unlimited devices at once with the same IP, but not 2 different IPs at the same time -if you do you might get a warning and all Kodi authorizations might be disabled, and you'd have to delete them from https://real-debrid.com/devices and authorize RD in Kodi again.

Authorize RD on Xenon Plus.

My Real Debrid doesn't work

Unplug device and router for 5 minutes.
Disable your VPN.
Check if you have days left in your Real Debrid account on site.
Login to the Real Debrid site, go to https://real-debrid.com/devices and delete all authorizations. Then open Kodi and authorize RD again.
If RD servers had issues or the above doesn't quite work, clear all cache from the settings of the addons you use with RD.
Sometimes you get an error when you try to authorize an addon because there is a previous authorization, in that case open the settings of that addon on the Debrid section, click on Defaults button, then authorize again.
Read this if you get Real Debrid buffering.

Is the xyz addon down?

You may read recent posts on the group, use the search (use Sort By / Recent posts), and then ask to avoid group flooding.

The movie widgets are not showing, or a shortcut is not working, etc

Read the Tips section for many similar tips.

How to not break your build

I noticed a few members had issues that lead to a non-working build -then the wizard didn't have their build to fresh install-, and I thought to mention a few things about breaking a build to avoid.

Do not unplug your device without shutting down the build properly first.
Avoid messing with addons that are vital to the build -examples: Diggz Favorites, etc.
If you don't know how to use Skin settings, there are several videos in wiki > Edit Builds, grab a fork and experiment first. Messing with Skin settings can make menus dissappear etc.

If you don't see your build any more in the wizard it might be getting prepared for an update or it might be history. You want to keep it? Create a backup: