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Diggz fan store forks

Forks are Kodi clones modified slightly to co-exist with your original Kodi, so you can have more than one builds on your android device.
Some forks have a wizard installed, some don't. No forks contain builds, you'll have to install a build following the Installation guide in Announcements post.

Diggz fan store has been added to the APK installer on the Chef Wizard.
Another way to use Diggz fan store: First install Downloader, then type this on Downloader:

Then use these Diggz fan store codes in Downloader:

Or these ones:

You may use this in a browser too:

Make simple forks easily

By Cory Wonders

Just for people that like tooling around when they bord.... Make a simple fork:)
The 👉 19.2 fork you need to make FORKS WITH URL IS IN PART ONE..
1. Type url in Downloader for Fork...

2. Than install es file explorer
On your android phone and and your android device or firestick.... so you can transfer from phone to your TV device..
🔊 Downloader url for es file Explorer

3. install this apk editor app on your phone.. for making fork..

 It might not be compatible with your phone. If not I'm sorry 

🔊Downloader url for apk editor