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I am a newbie, but not for long. -Socrates, 450 BC.


If you're an ultra newbie to Kodi, read this first:
These will work on latest Xenon Plus usually, if other pages mention previous versions they work for latest version as well.
If a page is about another build, it will be mentioned on the title.


Installing Xenon Plus v8.3

Always do this on every build start or while installing

Dave Morrision:
It's said here over and over again. You will have less issues if you let your build completely load before clicking anything. This includes when you first install or update as well. This is especially true for lesser RAM devices like firesticks or smart tv's with Android or Fire TV OS.

Authorizing debrid on Xenon Plus v8.4.2

If you update and have logins issues, remember to install your addons first, then Recover your logins (see below), and Resync Umbrella & Ezra.
Remember to reboot your build after authorizing, Kodi saves XML file changes on shutdown.

Authorizing Trakt on Xenon Plus v8.4.2

You might need to Revoke Trakt from My Accounts, reauthorize it, then Resync Umbrella & Ezra.
Remember to reboot your build after authorizing, Kodi saves XML file changes on shutdown.

Android apps to open Real Debrid and Trakt authorization windows

These were given to me by a member long time ago, they should still work.

Recover your logins

After installing or updating a build your Trakt & debrid logins don't work? Here's what to do -Venom & Fen will still need Resyncing. Install your addons first.
Remember to reboot your build after authorizing, Kodi saves XML file changes on shutdown.
Chef Wizard > Keep Trakt Data options explained. The same apply for Keep Debrid.


Installing, switching, and uninstalling skins on Xenon Plus v8.4.1

Export and Import Save Data, or do it manually

Save Data > Export Save Data (pic) works fine to produce a zip file containing debrid, trakt, login, and xmls folders, after Import Save Data, restart your build to populate advancedsettings.xml and favourites.xml -to save your advanced settings make sure on the wizard "Keep 'Advancedsettings.xml" is ON.


Manual way:
After decompressing the you can use a file manager or Kodi File manager to copy and paste those folders in the proper locations to have your logins working on new builds or forks.
For example, using Kodi File Manager, copy the contents of the xmls folder to .home > userdata deleting existing ones first.
Then using File Manager again, go to .home > userdata > addon_data > plugin.program.chef19, delete debrid, trakt, and login folders, and copy and paste the same ones from the decompressed folder in the same plugin.program.chef19 folder.
Restart the build and your saved data will be restored.

If your wizard is damaged and you can't Export Save Data, you can do it manually like this:
This is how I copied my Logins from my Linux laptop to my Samsung Galaxy s5 mobile. You can use this to copy any file to your mobile.
Bear in mind that on the laptop the mobile Kodi folder had just an empty files folder inside, so I put the wizard Logins folders there.

You have to go to File Manager and Add source, use Root filesystem and click OK, name it .root.
On the left panel of File Manager go to .home > userdata > addon_data > plugin.program.chef19.
On the right -for my mobile- go to mnt > sdcard > Android > data > org.xbmc.kodi > files. This is where I copied Logins from the laptop.
Now open the same folders on both panels (eg debrid), long press on a file on the right, tap Select all, then long press it again and tap Copy. If you have favorites and advanced settings on the xmls folder, copy them to .home > userdata.
When you're finished, remember to restart the build, open the wizard and go to Save Data > Keep Debrid, Keep Trakt, and Keep Login Info, and Recover All.

Changing wallpapers on Xenon Plus v7.2

Adding and removing in Trakt TV Collection on Xenon Plus v7.2

Changing Fahrenheit to Celsius and setting weather location

Change location in GisMeteo

(To change °F to °C, see Newbies > Changing Fahrenheit to Celsius and setting weather location)
When Multi Weather has local server issues, builders may switch to GisMeteo.

Shutting down properly

Mr. Diggz and me are using the Quit() Kodi command to quickly close Kodi (Force Close Kodi, for Xenon).
The command saves changes first then closes the core Kodi application, without waiting for 3rd party addons to close first.
That way you avoid Kodi hanging for 2 minutes or forever when you use Kodi's normal Exit.
This bug with Kodi's Exit was discovered years ago and you can read about the Quit() solution in Arch wiki as well.,_fully_occupying_one_CPU_core,_UI_unresponsive

Changing language and subtitles language

Installing addons on Xenon Plus v7.2

Several ways to install and uninstall addons.

Downloading movies/episodes using Real Debrid

Use this link in your browser:

Disable subtitles

Change volume

Change language

Update TMDbH players

Mr. Diggz puts new players in his server, to check if a new player exists for an addon you installed but not appearing in TMDb Helper, update players this way.

Reorder TMDbH players

Remove Adult Section password

Reset an addon's settings page

Change or disable screensaver

Find and Manage dependencies

Create and back up a Super Favourites folder

Contact Real Debrid support

Play a trailer in Xenon Plus v7.2

Arcade setup

After you click on 1-Install Arcade, watch the video, and click on 2- Run Setup.

Hide Adult Section on Xenon Plus v7.6

Backup and restore your Kodi Movie and TV Library

Jade Spade:
For Kodi Library users: How to backup and restore your Kodi Movie and TV Library and restore it after updating your build.
NOTE (I just used the Kodi directory as an example, but you should NOT save the backup in Kodi directory as this would get deleted when fresh installing). Place the backup anywhere else, lol.

Enable and save defaults for subtitles, auto download subs in Fen, Venom, and Seren

This shows how to automatically enable and find subs.
You'll see in the video that this doesn't always work, in embedded subtitles sometimes you need to pick another sub from the list below.
If you use another addon, in the start of the video it shows how you can use the default sub engine to start before the movie/episode.

Disabling 4K in several addons

After updating Xenon Plus, Estuary skin is showing instead of Xenon

Using Trakt

Using Trakt library with Shadow addon

1 Add to TV Collection

2 Remove from Collection

3 Set TV Collection to Full Wall view
If you click on Set view type, then No, it asks where the viewtype will apply -eg TV Shows, Movies, etc.


4 See the lists you liked from

Using Trakt Library with Seren

My settings, they include alphabetizing Collection, flatten shows, limit sources to 1080p, disable SD sources, limit episodes to 5 GB, speed up Seren, etc.

This video shows how to add a show to TV Collection, open TV Collection from a custom shortcut, then delete a show from the collection.

Using Trakt Library with Fen

Using Trakt Library with TheMovieDb Helper

Using Trakt Library with Venom

Delete multiple shows/movies from Trakt library with Venom

Navigating Netflix View and trailers on MaLi

No Audio Passthrough settings

The appearance of Audio Passthrough menu depends on your audio configuration, and that means you should connect eg a soundbar, or check TV settings to enable passthrough, before starting Kodi.