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I am a newbie, but not for long. -Socrates, 450 BC.


Installing Xenon Plus v7.5

After installing, on first start wait for all updates to finish then click OK to install Setup addons, then wait for weather / widgets to appear before using the build.
On every build start, always wait for updates to finish and widgets to appear before using the build.

Authorizing debrid on Xenon Plus v7.5

I'm showing the easiest -ResolveUrl-, and the hardest -Fen and Venom- the others are similar.

Authorizing Trakt on Xenon Plus v7.5

I'm showing TMDbH, and how to Refresh widgets, authorize just the addons you use.

Recover your logins

After installing or updating a build your Trakt & debrid logins don't work? Here's what to do -Fen and Venom will still need Resyncing.

Installing, switching, and uninstalling skins on Xenon Plus v7.5

Changing wallpapers on Xenon Plus v7.2

Adding and removing in Trakt TV Collection on Xenon Plus v7.2

Changing Fahrenheit to Celcius and setting weather location

Shutting down properly

Changing language and subtitles language

Installing addons on Xenon Plus v7.2

Downloading movies/episodes using Real Debrid

Use this link in your browser:

Disable subtitles

Change volume

Change language

Reorder TMDbH players

Remove Adult Section password

Reset an addon's settings page

Change or disable screensaver

Find and Manage dependencies

Create and back up a Super Favourites folder

Avoid buffering while watching wiki Videos

The easy way is to pause the video and wait for a while -depending on the video's duration. You may also just download the video from the site.
The other way is to use an extension like Send to MPV player, you'll also need MPV playerand yt-dlp.
The video shows a custom way in Linux, similar to "Send to MPV player", that works flawlessly.

Contact Real Debrid support

Play a trailer in Xenon Plus v7.2

More to come