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Installing -XBOX-Diggz Xenon -Debrid ONLY- v1.0

Jade Spade:

Click Xbox Testing Area...


Click Install Python Mod and WAIT until its finished and pop up says python updated...


Install Xbox Repo...


Install from repo/Xbox Repo/Program addons/ Xbox Wizard...


Install build....




Kodi game emulation does not work with Xbox

Leroy Brown:
Ok guys, just want to clear up the situation with Xbox and Kodi game emulation. Gaming emulators with Kodi on Xbox will never work because Microsoft wont allow it. Heres a statement from Kodi team. "There will be no emulators inside Kodi for UWP, just like there are no emulators in the Windows store. Microsoft doesn't allow emulators in their store, so in order for Kodi to be in the store (and on the XBOX), the UWP builds very likely won't ever have the retroarch support for retroplayer (maybe not even retroplayer). Thus, any of the rom browsers/downloader add-on for Kodi are pointless on the XBOX"😔

Please don't ask where to find movies/series

Bill Everly:
Please DO NOT ask where you can find X movie or X TV show - search within the addon's. This is a build group not tv guide.

Thanks for video previews by Aldren Mayfield, Stephen Cornelious

FYI, thanks to the videos by guys like Aldren Mayfield, Stephen Cornelious. Video previews of the builds can be viewed in chefs wizard by clicking on each build.


How to import your Trakt TV collection to your Kodi library
How to import your Trakt TV collection to your library (using Xenon 19.2).

You have to use your favorite addon, authorize it with Trakt and go to the Tools / Library section (usually) and select eg "Import TV Collection", then the collection will appear in your library. Before doing that you could remove from site huge series (like the 3.606 episodes of The daily show, and keep the last episode you saw), that will make importing a lot quicker. (pic 1, Scrubs).

If you click on Library and select TV shows after importing there would be several options to play with (Titles shows all). (pic 2, Library / TV shows options)

If your default addon can't find streams or you just want another addon to play an episode, just right-click (or hold click for a bit on shields) and select Open Meta, and on the next menu choose the proper series (if more than one with the same name) and the addon to play the episode. (pic3, Open Meta)

If you watch new series, and want an easy TV guide about the next episode(s) try TV Show - Next Aired. (pic 4, TV Show - Next Aired)

Recommended Trakt addon settings (Rating disabled, Sync enabled, Remove deleted Movies/TV Episodes from Trakt collections should ALWAYS be DISABLED to avoid losing your entire collection in site).

It seems that a few members managed to get duplicates in their library trying to add series using 2 addons, OpenMeta and another one. Unless both addons have an option "Avoid creating duplicate content" like the IT addon has by default, don't use both, OpenMeta doesn't have that option so if you have to use it, use it alone. Or else, duplicates. Furthermore, you can disable OpenMeta's library updates to avoid that message on startup -if you don't add anything from OpenMeta to the library you'll be safe to authorize Trakt on it like on all addons.


If you click on a series on favorites, add it on library and marks are not there, go to the library, right-click on any series, click on Trakt options, and then click on Synchronize library.


If you have trouble with wrong names you can go to your library, find the series with the wrong name, right-click on it, click Information, click on Refresh, click Yes 2 times, and select the correct name of the series, or click on Manual and type the proper name you found in, and select the correct one from the new list, for example type: The Twilight Zone (2019), and a new list will appear.


When you sync your addon with Trakt any lists in your account are synced as well.
Go to your addon, to your My Movies or My TV Shows folder and select Movie Lists, then select the list you need to add, long press or right-click and select Add to Library.


If new episodes don't appear in library, if you use IT try updating library from it, not from Kodi's Update library.
Eg open IT, go to Tools / IT: Library, and click on IT: Update library... (I created a shortcut of this in my library section).
For other addons, check the settings for similar Update library options.
You have to use "Sync collection on library update or cleaning" in Trakt addon settings (see pics above) for sync to work automatically.

Xfinity fix to remove site blocking

If you use xfinity the Diggz repo might be blocked -it will show nothing instead of the contents of the repo in your browser, phone or android device.
You have to use xfinity xfi to disable security, in order to install the wizard.
Click on the link below and read "Disabling and Re-Enabling Advanced Security" to learn how:

Buffering tip


If you want to quickly check if a source is buffering you might use CTRL + Shift + O (or map this to a key on your android remote).
After the word forward, it will show how many MBs the source has buffered, a cache percentage, and milliseconds of movie/episode remaining.
This can be done while playing the movie/episode or you may pause it. If it stays 0 or it moves really slow, you might have to get another source.


aq = Audio queue saturation
Kb/s = Current audio bitrate (reported by player)
att = Attenuation / gain added by player
vq = Video queue saturation
Mb/s = Current video bitrate (reported by player)
fr = Source framerate
drop = Number of dropped frames
skip = Number of skipped frames
pc = Pullup correction pattern length
a/v = Audio/video sync difference (real time)
forward = Size of cached data and % of cache utilized
VsyncOff = Indicates the offset between the vertical sync signal of the display and the timestamps of the video frames

Router issues tip

Kodi stopped working?
More network issues?
Here's why we have kept telling you to unplug device and modem/router for 5 minutes.
(Much more info inside.)
Linux users may find this useful:

Debug logging popup removal
If you get an annoying message on top-left (debug logging pic 1) here's how to remove it and what to do to avoid seeing it again.
Use CTRL + Shift + D, or go to Settings / System / Logging, and disable debug logging (pic 2).
Always wait for a build to update fully after a fresh install (2-3 minutes).
If you're using a build with multiple skins, don't change to another skin while the previous is "busy".

If you use Xenon Plus v3.6.4 click on Toggle Debug Logging under Xenon Plus.


If Real Debrid is buffering read this

You may try Cloudflare or Disabled servers if you have issues with RD servers (see pic, log in to RD site and use the link below to change servers):


Youtube API info

Youtube now only works if you create your personal API credentials.

A more updated video is here:
[End of Update]

Before reading the API guide, read the workaround to make sure the API creation will not produce an error.
The workaround is here:

The API guide is here:

You may go to your /.kodi/userdata/addon_data/ folder and delete .youtube folder to fully reset Youtube addon if you get stuck, and try inserting the credentials again.


Using logs

This is what you see in the video:
1 How to view error log (if it says 0 errors, you can't, it's empty).
2 How to view the whole log (notice the buttons on the bottom).
3 How to upload your current log and share the link here (you can use the same site to upload manually the previous log that crashed your build from /.kodi/temp/kodi.old.log).
Note that in android the menus are on different places (thanks Jean).


Magnet to debrid and stream it with Kodi

Use your favorite torrent sites to get the magnet links.
Examples for uploading using Real Debrid, Premiumize, and AllDebrid, and using Fen, and Premiumize Cloud addons to stream what is uploaded (I only use Premiumize but you can easily see the RD or AD section in Fen, it's pointed in the video).
For TV Shows, I prefer uploading seasons instead of episodes.
You may also open Seren, and go to My Files to see all uploaded movies / series.
Magnet to debrid:

Real Debrid users may also use Realizer addon:
Or RealDebrid.

If you use Real Debrid you can get the Chromium / Chrome extension Real Debrid Download Manager and simply right-click on a magnet link to quickly add it to your Real Debrid torrents.


If you use Premiumize you can get the Chrome / Chromium / Firefox based extension and quickly add a magnet from a torrent site to your Premiumize downloader queue.
Here are some torrent sites to use with the magnet to debrid way mentioned above:

Firestick tutorials


Guys for best results for firesticks users please follow videos 1 through 4.. and please keep your device cleaned from cluttered apps you dont use..remove them..
Please update your firesticks to the latest 4k firestick... (If you're able to)

If you look close to your fire stick you could see a model #.....

If your see this model number # >W87CUN<
That's the first Generation stick.. it's super Out dated and Slow ..

If your see this model number # >LY73PR>
Its a second Gen but I guess still usable 🙁 still should upgrade 😁

If you see this model number # >E9l29y<
Than you have the latest stick and should be good to go....

Please Follow the Videos 1-4
1. watch 1st
2. watch 2nd
3. watch 3rd
4. watch 4th

More tips for 4K firesticks.
How to delete apps on 4K firestick:

Remove apps to gain space on 4K Firestick and block updates to avoid them being installed again:

How to close background apps with one click on a 4K firestick:

Firestick recommended settings:
Pic credits: Dave Morrison


All the Tips, Secrets, and Hidden Menus of the Fire TV & Firestick Remote by AFTVnews

2 ways to backup your build

1 Using the Chef wizard v420.2.
Use [Back Up]: Build to create the backup, it would be where the Back Up Location mentions -I couldn't change the location in this version of the wizard, it might be my platform.
Remember to save the skin too when asked -towards the end of the zipping.

To restore a build (pic).
Open an empty Kodi, install the wizard and use [Restore]: Local Build after placing the 2 zips created above in the Back Up Location mentioned on your new Kodi.

You may use [Restore]: External Build to restore from NFS or SMB network locations.

2 Manual backup and restore.
Use a file manager and go to your build folder (.kodi). Select both the addons and the userdata folder and Add to zip file(s).
Make sure to move those zip files outside the Kodi folder to avoid them being deleted when you update/delete the build.

Restore to a new device:
Install a new Kodi in the destination device and use a file manager to unzip those 2 folders inside your build folder (.kodi).

Remember to restore your back up to a same platfform device if you clone backups the second way -if you create and restore backups using the wizard it will work if you restore to different platforms.
If you created your backup from an android device, restore to an android device.
If you created your backup from windows, restore to a windows device, etc.


Reduce buffering by setting up advancedsettings.xml

If you use a debrid service like Real Debrid, you might not need to use the following at all.

Open the Chef wizard and navigate to Maintenance / System Tweaks/Fixes / Advanced Settings / Cache & Network Presets.

These are the presets available, for example if you have a little more than 450MB of free ram (see Kodi's System information), choose Low-RAM Preset. If you have over 900MB of free RAM, choose High-End Preset.

You may choose the Default Network & Cache Settings preset and edit manually memory size in bytes (your total of free RAM / 3).

Default Network & Cache Settings -------- You may add your own buffer memory.
Zero Cache Preset --------------------------- 0MB free RAM.
Low-RAM Device Preset -------------------- 450MB free RAM.
High-End Device Preset --------------------- 900MB free RAM.

To make sure it's a slow source that causes buffering you may use the Buffering tip.

PVR essentials, by Leroy Brown

If you Click PVR channels, click to the left to choose categories (pic #1).
Or if you're in the guide, and you click the tv icon you can scroll left or right through the groups also (pics #2-3).

iVue TV Guide hints

This is how you can move channels or disable channels from showing.

If you find a better stream of a channel you want from another addon, you can add the stream to Kodi favorites and link that favorite to the stream.
You can also manually set the channel you want from the subscribed addons.

Touchscreen tips

Use Kodi v19.2 or later.
Another way is to just disable Wrap Around menu, but the above one gives better results:
Click Skin Settings > Home Window and turn OFF Wrap Around menu. If you long-press and swipe each menu it works.


Creating a log with debug logging

Go to Settings > System > Logging > Enable debug logging, enable it and close the build.
Open the build do the same sequence that created your issue, then close the build.
In kodi/temp/ you'll find kodi.log which helps devs or even admins/mods to find what happened.
If you want to upload it to a GitHub page of a Kodi dev, click after your message to upload kodi.log.
You could paste the contents of kodi.log to eg to share it on sites you can't upload logs.
You may upload your log and get the link via the Chef Wizard.

Export and Import Save Data, or do it manually

Save Data > Export Save Data (pic) works fine to produce a zip file containing debrid, trakt, login, and xmls folders, after Import Save Data, restart your build to populate advancedsettings.xml and favourites.xml -to save your advanced settings make sure on the wizard "Keep 'Advancedsettings.xml" is ON.


Manual way:
After decompressing the you can use a file manager or Kodi File manager to copy and paste those folders in the proper locations to have your logins working on new builds or forks.
For example, using Kodi File Manager, copy the contents of the xmls folder to .home > userdata deleting existing ones first.
Then using File Manager again, go to .home > userdata > addon_data > plugin.program.chef19, delete debrid, trakt, and login folders, and copy and paste the same ones from the decompressed folder in the same plugin.program.chef19 folder.
Restart the build and your saved data will be restored.

If your wizard is damaged and you can't Export Save Data, you can do it manually like this:
This is how I copied my Logins from my Linux laptop to my Samsung Galaxy s5 mobile. You can use this to copy any file to your mobile.
Bear in mind that on the laptop the mobile Kodi folder had just an empty files folder inside, so I put the wizard Logins folders there.

You have to go to File Manager and Add source, use Root filesystem and click OK, name it .root.
On the left panel of File Manager go to .home > userdata > addon_data > plugin.program.chef19.
On the right -for my mobile- go to mnt > sdcard > Android > data > org.xbmc.kodi > files. This is where I copied Logins from the laptop.
Now open the same folders on both panels (eg debrid), long press on a file on the right, tap Select all, then long press it again and tap Copy. If you have favorites and advanced settings on the xmls folder, copy them to .home > userdata.
When you're finished, remember to restart the build, open the wizard and go to Save Data > Keep Debrid, Keep Trakt, and Keep Login Info, and Recover All.

iVue TV Guide fix on Xenon Amber (Ultra)

If you happen to break your iVue TV Guide, try a Soft Reset -don't use a Hard Reset, you will have to reinstall your build.
In Xenon Amber, if you have the guide open, just click your Back button, click on iVue Tools, then on Soft Reset.
For the second way, use the sub-menu iVue Settings under the TV Guide section.

Invidious addon for Kodi 19

If creating a youtube API is too hard for you and you just want to watch youtube videos, you may use the Invidious addon.

To install, download the 3.0.0 repo from the link below, and then open Kodi go to Add-ons > Install from zip file, and navigate to where you downloaded it -starting with Home folder.
After installing, use Install from repository, find lekma's addon repo, go to Video add-ons, and install Invidious.

If videos don't play you can choose another active public instance from Invidious' settings -watch the video below.
To see what public instances are up click here:
Video about changing public instances:

Xenon Plus v6.0: Using/Downloading subtitles with Seren

Install Seren providers

If you uninstalled and reinstalled Seren, or if providers are simply missing, here's how you install them.
Seren > Tools > Provider Tools > Manage Provider Packages > Install Package > and type:

Fake XviD sources

Sometimes when you're trying to watch new movies you'll get small sources (<1.5 GB) showing a fake XviD pic, these were uploaded to debrid services either by accident or on purpose.
The easy solution is to use a 1 Click addon like Asgard, Black Lightning, Q Continuum etc, their sources are hand picked, and they will work. After a while, working sources will appear in normal addons as well.


Xbox Diggz build fix for Kodi v19.3

Credits: Mike Hendriks, Ron Kirksey, Jay Wolf.
Password for pdf file is:

Restrict Venom to 1080p and 720p sources, and speed up scanning

With the changes shown on the video:
It will set Scraper Timeout to 30 seconds -2 to 10 seconds max real time.
Only show 1080p and 720p sources.
Only show sources smaller than 10 GB.
Will not show HEVC, SD, uncached sources, etc.
The video starts with the actual time needed to scan an episode from scratch.

Make android data folder usable after shield update to android 11

Jade Spade:
Pop in a flash drive for storage and move the apps over to that, then you have full access to Android data.

Hide shows added by Portal

Jade Spade:
Heres how to get rid of those shows that get added by the Portal.
Go to the Portal and search for the show that keeps coming back. Click on the show. Press the play button and choose "Hide on Trakt Calendar"

Shield tip for buffering

By John Finn:
Go to Settings > Device preferences > About > Build, then keep clicking on that till it says developer options enabled. Then back one and developer options is right down the bottom.
Find Logger buffer sizes in Developer options and set it to 16 M -or experiment with another value.

iVue fix and updating

By Jade Spade:
Try updating Ivue, then open it. In the guide press UP first, then go back down and see if that fixes it.

Also, use Ivue creator to update the links like this and open Ivue again. You will have more options to play the channel.

Seren tips

If you get an error trying to play a show, just long press on the show and select Browse Show. and find your episode and watch it. After watching the episode the show should work like before when you open your Collection -you might have to restart the build.

If you get more errors you could try rebuilding database -Seren > Tools > Trakt Sync Tools > Rebuild Database.

If you uninstall Seren, you'll have to install providers again:

How to completely remove The Crew so Wolf Pack addons can work